Notice of Staff Request for Special Procurement – Two Surveying Antennas

The Springfield Utility Board will consider a staff request for a special procurement at its regular Board meeting, Wednesday, 6:00 p.m. September 14, at SUB’s Board Room located in the Annex Building at 223 A Street, Suite F, in Springfield. The special procurement is an exception to the normal requirements for competitive bidding. This special procurement is for the purpose of purchasing two surveying antennas for capturing map data points. The Board may take action to adopt a proposed resolution approving the request for special procurement.


The public is invited to join the regular board meeting, in-person or remotely via phone or internet. Instructions to join remotely will be available on the agenda posted to SUB’s website, prior to the meeting. The public will be prompted for comment at the appropriate time during the meeting. The public may also submit public comment in advance, to be entered into the record, via the email link provided on the agenda by Noon on September 14.


Particulars of the request for special procurement and proposed resolution will be available for public review prior to the meeting via SUB’s website at To obtain answers to questions about the request for special procurement, please call Greg Miller at 541-726-2396.