Special Services

As a public utility, Springfield Utility Board (SUB) is committed to supporting its community. That’s why we have several programs designed to ensure the safety of our customer-owners.

Radio Help

All SUB vehicles carry 2-way radios or cell phones. If you’re lost or having difficulties, you can ask a SUB employee for help. Teach your children to recognize the Radio Help logo. If they’re ever in trouble, they can turn to a SUB employee. Our employee will stay with your child until help arrives.

GateKeeper Program

SUB’s field staff are trained to watch for signs that something may be amiss at their older customers’ homes. If they notice something troubling, such as a broken window, or anything dangerous, they’ll call Willamalane’s Senior Center. A representative from the Senior Center will follow up.

Tree Trimming

If one or more trees on your property are growing into your power lines, talk to someone at SUB’s Electric Service Center about the situation. Under certain conditions, SUB performs tree-trimming services. Under no circumstances should you attempt to trim a tree growing into a power line. Because this is a very hazardous situation, by law, this work must be done by a specially-trained arborist. Stay safe – call (541) 726-2395 for more information. For more information on safe tree planting, see SUB’s Tree Tips Brochure (PDF).

Wholesale Fiber

Springfield Utility Board can provide “dark fiber” service (fiber provided without electronics or optronics, which is not “lit” or activated) to Springfield businesses, public agencies, and telecommunications providers in all service territory served by SUB.

Dark Fiber Service Construction Request Form (PDF) – Please return this form completed and signed to SUB’s Electric Service Center at 1001 Main Street, Springfield, Oregon.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact Marc lePine at (541) 744-3772 or email Marc, or download our SUB Fiber Rate Schedule 1020 (PDF) for information on rates.

ECOchoice Green Power

SUB offers green power through its ECOchoice program. ECOchoice is an affordable, flexible and convenient way to power your home with renewable, sustainable energy. Visit our ECOchoice page for more information.

Net Metering

This service is available to customers who are interested in generating their own electricity and want to be connected to Springfield Utility Board’s electrical system. For questions regarding interconnection and installation please contact SUB’s Electric Service Center at (541) 726-2395. You may also view and download the appropriate forms: