Drinking Water Protection Overlay District

Springfield is nationally recognized for its leadership and proactive work to protect drinking water. This recognition is largely due to our adoption and ongoing implementation of the Drinking Water Protection (DWP) Overlay District.

The DWP Overlay District is a section of the Springfield Development Code established to prevent contamination of the municipal drinking water supply. It establishes standards for the use and storage of hazardous materials within the Wellhead Protection Areas. Through its implementation, our community is reducing risk from some of the most concerning potential sources of groundwater contamination. Some of the key provisions include:

  • Secondary containment for all stored hazardous materials that pose a risk to groundwater;
  • Restrictions on a class of chemicals—DNAPLs (dense non-aqueous phase liquids)—that pose a particularly high risk to the aquifer;
  • Hazardous materials management and spill response plans;
  • Requirements for inspection and monitoring of hazardous material storage areas;
  • Restrictions on hazardous material quantities and underground storage tanks within a 0 to 1-year time-of-travel zone

The development code is administered and enforced by the City of Springfield. Staff from Springfield Utility Board (SUB) advise the City on implementation of the Overlay Zone, perform site inspections, and provide technical assistance to affected land-use applicants. (Additional resources for affected land-use applicants are at the bottom of this page.)

For a detailed description of the DWP Overlay District, see the complete code in Section 3.3-200 of the Springfield Development Code.

For more information about the DWP Overlay District, contact Amy Chinitz, SUB’s Drinking Water Source Protection Coordinator, at (541) 744-3745.

Resources for land-use applicants:

*Land-use applicants who are required to install Standard Springfield Wellhead Protection Area signs have the option to produce their own signs or to purchase ready-made signs at the SUB Water Service Center (202 South 18th Street) for $15 per sign (cash or check only).