Streetlight Outages

Springfield Utility Board (SUB) performs basic maintenance on streetlights owned by the City of Springfield. If you notice a streetlight that does not have power, the first step is to call SUB at (541) 744-3726 with the nearest address to the light. (In some instances, the streetlight will have a number on the pole. If so, please report this number when calling SUB.) You may also notify us online on our Streetlight Outage Reporting Form.

SUB will dispatch a journeyman lineman to evaluate the problem and either make the repair or gather information to provide to the streetlight owner about the work that needs to be done.

Please note that SUB only maintains service to existing streetlights. To request a new streetlight, or for other questions regarding streetlights, call the City of Springfield’s development services division at (541) 726-3753. Similarly, questions about traffic signals should be referred to the City of Springfield’s public works department at (541) 726-3761.

Streetlight Outage Reporting Form

Nearby Address(Required)
Do you know which corner or side of the street it is on? Is it in an alley or backyard? Other details?
Is the light behind a locked gate? Are there protective pets in the area? Other details?
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