Tree Trimming

If one or more trees on your property are growing into your power lines, call Springfield Utility Board’s (SUB’s) Electric Service Center at (541) 744-3716. Under certain conditions, SUB performs tree-trimming services. Under no circumstances should you attempt to trim a tree growing into a power line without calling SUB first. Working with trees near high voltage lines is an extremely dangerous activity and by law must be performed by a trimmer with special training.

For more information on safe tree planting, see SUB’s Tree Tips brochure (PDF).

Interested in seeing trees that safely grow under power lines? Visit the Linear Arboretum just outside of the Bob Keefer Sports Center. See the 32nd Street Linear Arboretum Brochure (PDF) for more information. The brochure shows the current selection of trees growing at the arboretum.