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SUB offers incentives to Commercial & Industrial customers for eligible, prequalified energy efficiency upgrades. SUB offers many BPA-approved measures—HVAC, Kitchen Equipment, Lighting, etc.—but at the adjusted incentive levels per the formulas below. Contact SUB for details.

To be eligible for SUB’s incentives, applications must be submitted and approved before removal of existing equipment.
Applications must include:
1.   SUB Incentive Application (fillable PDF) signed by the SUB customer on both page 1 and page 2, AND

2.   Detailed project quote with approved disposal method of old lamps or other hazardous materials, AND

3.   Product cut-sheets (displaying input watts, and DLC or Energy Star qualification).

Projects submitted without all of the required information prior to installation will not be eligible for SUB’s Incentives.
Incentive funds are reserved for an approved project for 4 months from the date SUB approves the signed application.

Detailed requirements for lighting incentive programs summarized at SUB Energy Efficiency Incentives – Commercial Lighting

All projects must be pre-authorized and approved by SUB before installation to be eligible for incentives from SUB.

Applications will be considered for approval on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of SUB funds.
LED Lighting and Controls incentive amounts are adjustments of values from SUB’s version of the SUB lighting calculator 5/22.  You may download, fill out and submit the LC to SUB. SUB will review and may change your LC inputs to conform to standard practice. Note that incentives displayed by the LC must be reduced by the formulas below:

Standard Incentive amounts from the SUB Lighting Calculator will be adjusted by the following formulas:

if Standard Incentive is in this range:            then Adjusted Incentive is Calculated by this formula:

$0  –  $10,000                                                     No change to Standard Incentive,

$10,000  –  $50,000                                           $5,000 + 50% × Standard Incentive,

$50,000 – $200,000                                           $20,000 + 20% × Standard Incentive,

$200,000 – $400,000                                         $40,000 +  10% × Standard Incentive.

SUB pays the calculated Adjusted Incentive. This applies cumulatively to all SUB incentive projects of all types at one location for two years.

Please contact SUB if you plan to submit a project Application or if you have any questions about the status of existing or pending projects.

Commercial HVAC Incentives

Details at SUB Energy Efficiency Incentives  for the following measures:

Connected Thermostat

Variable Refrigeration Flow System (VRF)

Ductless Heat Pump (DHP)

Heat Pump Conversion

Heat Pump Upgrade

Advanced Rooftop Unit Controls (ARC)

If you have questions, please contact Springfield Utility Board Conservation Department:

Office, 541-746-0963

David Harris, 541-744-3775

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