Water Pay Station

Springfield Utility Board (SUB) provides a water dispensing station available for public use. You do not need to be a SUB customer to use the station.

The water station is located at 202 South 18th Street in Springfield and is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Get directions to the water station.

How to Purchase & Access Water

In order to operate the water pay station, customers will need to supply their own fire hose. The water pay station has a standard 2 1/2 inch diameter NST (National Standard Thread) male connector.

  • Fire hoses can be purchased locally at the following companies: A-1 Coupling, Omlid & Swinney, and Munnell & Sherrill.
  • The cost to begin the flow of water is $2.75. The station only accepts quarters.
  • The station will flow 300 gallons of water.
  • If you require less water, use the shut-off button.
  • If you require more, simply feed more quarters into the pay station before shut-off occurs. The flow rate will adjust to approximately 28 gallons per additional quarter.

Please note that EWEB also operates a water dispensing station at 3402 West First Avenue in Eugene. Get directions to the water dispensing station.