Electric Rates

Springfield Utility Board (SUB) customers pay some of the lowest electricity rates in the nation. Your particular rate will be determined by the kind of service you have (i.e. residential, commercial or industrial).

Residential Electricity Rate

The rate is effective April 1, 2023, for bills rendered on or after May 1, 2023.

Download the SUB Electric Rates 2023 (PDF) or call SUB’s billing department at (541) 744-3795 for more information.


  • Basic charge: $17.40 per month
  • Usage charge:
    • October through April:
      • First 1,500 kWh at $.0604 per kWh
      • Over 1,500 kWh at $.0705 per kWh
    • May through September:
      • First 900 kWh at $.0604 per kWh
      • Over 900 kWh at $.0654 per kWh


  • Service charge to start/switch service: $25*
  • Service charge to stop service: $0

*A refundable security deposit may be required. See our Start/Stop Service page for more information.

Residential Electric Rate Comparison

Monthly bill based on average electrical use over an average year:

  • National Average: $150.30
  • Local Utilities Average (without SUB): $120.34
  • SUB: $75.53