About SUB

SUB has a colorful history – one that reads more like a script for an action-packed movie than an annual report. Private industries fought hard to keep the public utility from being founded more than 50 years ago, and it was ordinary citizens that organized and took to the streets to make public power a reality in Springfield.

Read more about Springfield Utility Board’s early history by downloading a copy of SUB’s history – Lighting the way (PDF) or view a short video with an abbreviated version of the story below:

In providing these services:

  • The Board will require the principles of cost-effectiveness and continuous quality improvement to be applied to all programs, functions and projects conducted by SUB, with recognition of the Board’s long-term responsibility to deliver services.

In addition to providing the types of services that meet customers’ utility needs, SUB shall also strive to:

  • Keep the costs of its services affordable
  • Provide for prudent financial reserves
  • Ensure that all services offered and provided by SUB meet or exceed the community’s standards for quality & safety
  • Continue to study opportunities and pursue options that provide value to SUB’s customers.

The Board believes that SUB’s mission is best accomplished through a strong team relationship between the Board and management.

This partnership will provide consistency of purpose and direction to the organization and empowers employees to continue to build the kind of organization necessary to meet customers’ utility needs.

collage of photos


162 megawatts

annual peak load


average system reliability

Miles of Line


overhead distribution


underground distribution


overhead transmission

BPA Full Requirements Customer

source of power


resources are greenhouse gas free


40 to 410 feet

depth of wells


total number of customers

3 billion

annual water served in gallons

8 million

average gallons per