Billing Questions

If you have a question or concern about your bill, let us know about it!

If we can’t resolve your concerns over the phone, we’ll refer you to Springfield Utility Board’s Conservation Connection. Our trained staff will work with you to help identify potential problems.

High Bill Questions

Sometimes people call us when their utility usage goes up significantly and they’re at a loss to explain why. Our billing experts can look up your consumption history and talk with you about why your household might be using more water and electricity. They can also send you useful information.

Most fluctuations in usage are the result of 3 factors:

Weather Changes

Weather changes are easy to anticipate:

  • When it’s cold and dark in the winter, people use more electricity for heating and lights
  • When it’s hot and dry in summer, they use more electricity for cooling and more water for irrigation

Lifestyle Changes

Changes in lifestyle are more subtle.

  • A new baby, for example, means more laundry and higher thermostat settings
  • Houseguests and holiday celebrations require more cooking, dishes, and lights
  • Purchases of new appliances – computers, printers, stereos, large-screen TVs, hot tubs, to name a few – add to the load

Electrical/Plumbing Problems

Leaking toilets, broken water pipes, and wiring problems, for example, can increase your utility bill in a hurry. It’s best not to put off household repairs.