Drinking Water Protection

two workers standing next to raw water pipeOur drinking water supply comes from plentiful and high-quality sources right in and around Springfield. The majority comes from 35 wells that tap the aquifer, a vast underground layer of water-bearing sands and gravel beneath our community. The remainder comes from the Middle Fork Willamette River and is treated through our Slow Sand Filtration Plant. A new source, the McKenzie River, will come online in the next decade.

Protecting the drinking water supply at its source is a top priority for Springfield Utility Board (SUB). We work with the City of Springfield, Rainbow Water District, and other organizations and community members to implement the strategies of our state-certified Springfield Drinking Water Protection Plan.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, feel free to contact Amy Chinitz, SUB’s Drinking Water Source Protection Coordinator, for more information at (541) 744-3745 or email our Water Service Department.