Planned Outages

From time to time, Springfield Utility Board (SUB) has to shut off your water to repair the system. Except for emergencies, SUB’s field crews will alert you to an upcoming water shut-down with a door hanger that explains when and why the water will be shut off. Here’s how to minimize problems during a shut-down:

  • Beforehand, draw water for household use into your bathtub, buckets, and drinking water containers. (You can use water from buckets to manually flush your toilets.)
  • Turn off the circuit breaker that controls your water heater.
  • During the shut-down, keep all faucets closed, and do not attempt to draw water from your faucets. This will help prevent damage to your plumbing.
  • After your water comes back on, turn on your outside water faucets until the water runs clear. Don’t draw drinking water or wash clothes until the water coming out of your faucets is clear and flowing under regular pressure.