ESC 2023 Capital Projects

Posted: July 7, 2023 at 1:58 p.m.

by Nick Amann, Electric Engineering Manager

To improve our electric system infrastructure and operational efficiency, ESC focuses on specific projects and positive productivity.  We start with identifying improvements (planning); we next design a solution (engineering); we complete this process by constructing the improvements in the field (crews).

In 2023, ESC is focusing on specific projects which improve reliability and bring infrastructure to current standards.  These projects include: 1) Jasper Substation protection upgrades; 2) Glenwood Substation construction and connection; and 3) Moose to Kokanee backbone reconductor and connection.

Jasper Substation Protection Upgrades











The original substation transformer protection provided by fuses will be replaced with 115 kV circuit breakers controlled by protection relays.  The modern microprocessor-bases protection relays and circuit breakers will improve the safety for personnel and reduce damage to substation equipment when faults occur. This project may look familiar as I wrote about it in 2021. Rebuilding Springfield Substation after the switchgear fire in 2021 delayed progress on the Jasper project. With Springfield Substation back in service, the Jasper Substation project is now the top substation priority.


Glenwood Substation & Distribution Construction

In 2022, all the ground work was completed at Glenwood Substation. This included foundations, conduit, and grading. In 2023, the control house building will be complete.  Long lead time items (+1 year), such as the substation transformer, are on order.  Over the next three years more material will be ordered and installed so we can bring the substation online in 2025.

Outside the substation fence, in 2023, ESC will be upgrading the 20.8 kV distribution lines to “backbone” standard so the output of the substation can connect and support the rest of SUB’s 20.8 kV distribution system. These “backbone” feeders will provide additional capacity and more reliable service for our electric customers.






Moose to Kokanee Backbone Reconductor and Connection, S Street

In this project, we are replacing some heavily loaded overhead 20.8 kV distribution wire with higher ampacity 20.8 kV “backbone” wire and adding a switch to connect Moose feeder to the Kokanee feeder. When complete, we will have improved reliability by increasing the ability to shift load within the 20.8 kV distribution system as well as have more load capacity.