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Backflow FAQ Inspection & Maintenance

What will the inspectors be looking for?

Backflow from customer piping is the leading cause of contamination in a public water system. The State of Oregon rules requires the Water Division to protect against backflow by conducting site inspections. Inspectors will look for facilities that pose a severe or high health cross-connection hazard. Inspectors will also be looking for proper backflow protection on lawn irrigation systems.

How will I know what is found during the inspection?

The cross-connection inspector will be completing a “Residential Cross-Connection Inspection Form”. A copy of this form will be given to the property owner when the inspection is completed. On this form will be the results found during the inspection. It will show you what was found to be in compliance as well as what change(s) need to be made, if any, to protect your plumbing from possible cross-connections.

What do I need to do after the corrections are made?

Once the required plumbing changes have been made, just call the Water Division at (541) 726-2396 to schedule an appointment for a re-inspection. At the time of the re-inspection, the Cross-Connection Specialist will check that the necessary changes were made and note whether these cross-connections have been corrected.