May 2021 SUB-RWD Joint Special Work Session




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Agenda – Revised

1. Rainbow Water District - Call Meeting to Order – 2 min

2. Springfield Utility Board - Call Meeting to Order – 2 min

3. Brief Comments – Rainbow Board President, Lou Allocco – 2 min

4. Brief Comments – SUB Board Vice-Chair, Robert Scherer – 2 min

5. Murraysmith Presentation on WSMP – 30 min

6. Questions and Answers – Rainbow to begin Q&A rotation – 30 min

7. Adjournment – Rainbow – 1 min

8. Adjournment – SUB – 1 min

Total Time: 70 min


Joint Board Special Work Session – May 5, 2021


The virtual joint special work session was called to order by President Lou Allocco at 6:04 p.m. for the Rainbow Water District (RWD) and by Vice-Chair Robert Scherer at 6:05 p.m. for the Springfield Utility Board (SUB).


RWD Board: Lou Allocco, President; Marla Casley; Jim McLaughlin, Vice-President; Doug Keeler; Mary Beth Wilson.

RWD Staff: Jamie Porter, Superintendent; Eric Carlson, Assistant Superintendent.

SUB Board: Robert Scherer, Vice-Chair; David Willis; John DeWenter; Mark Molina; Mike Eyster, Chair – excused absence.

SUB Staff: Jeff Nelson, General Manager; Greg Miller, Water Division Director; Dave Embleton, Water Quality Program Manager; Steven Wages, Civil Engineer; Cindy Flaherty, Executive Assistant - recorder.

Others: Michael McKillip and Brian Ginter, Murraysmith consultants.

Call to Order

Rainbow Water District Board President Lou Allocco gave a welcome with some opening comments. Springfield Utility Board Vice-Chair Robert Scherer also shared a welcome with some opening comments.

Murraysmith Presentation on WSMP

SUB General Manager Jeff Nelson introduced Michael McKillip and Brian Ginter, consultants with Murraysmith, and noted that the consultant team provided a copy of their presentation for both SUB and Rainbow’s Boards to review prior to this meeting. He then invited the consultants to begin their presentation.

Referring to their presentation, Water System Master Plan – Springfield Utility Board, Rainbow Water District (Exhibit A), Michael McKillip and Brian Ginter spent about 30 minutes sharing an overview on the Water System Master Plan.

The state requires that master plans shall evaluate the needs of the water system for at least a 20 year period and that it complies with the requirements as defined in Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 333- 061-0060.

  • The previous Water System Master Plan was prepared in 2010; and this update is necessary for SUB and Rainbow to incorporate current conditions and identify capital projects necessary to maintain supply capacity and support the development projected to occur in the Springfield Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).
  • Plan elements include: description of existing facilities, establish the projected water demand in the 20-year planning period, establish the desired level of service goals and performance criteria, identify deficiencies and develop solutions, meet State of Oregon resiliency planning goals, and describe financing options that could pay for the listed projects.
  • The existing system includes SUB’s Willamette Wellfield Slow Sand Filter Plant, 8 storage reservoirs, 12 pump stations, 24 SUB wells, 8 Rainbow wells, and 3 wells jointly owned by SUB and Rainbow.
  • Current peak demand flow is determined to be 28.19 million gallons per day (mgd) with 22.24 mgd considered the reliable capacity. Maximum day water demand in 2040 (the end of the planning period) is expected to reach 24.6 mgd and 27.3 mgd at full build-out in the UGB.
  • Distribution system planning analysis included an evaluation of storage volume needs, fire flows and fire hydrant spacing. Hydraulic modeling considered transmission system improvements and pending projects to improve connectivity of first level reservoirs.
  • A seismic resilience evaluation was included as recommended by the Oregon Resilience Plan, assessing water infrastructure vulnerability to seismic risks and providing recommendations for a 50-year mitigation plan to improve resilience. Pipe material, joint type, installation and geologic conditions were incorporated into a pipeline fragility analysis. A review of the 2014 storage reservoir seismic reservoir evaluation contributed to the assessment.
  • The plan identified backbone piping important to maintain service to select critical facilities.
  • Recommended Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) were developed with 20-year total costs projected at $159,926,617 for SUB and $20,534,000 for Rainbow. The CIP includes estimated project costs and approximate construction timeframes for a range of listed projects.
  • CIP funding will be supported by a financial analysis provided by the Galardi-Rothstein Group, an update to System Development Charges, and an evaluation of water rates.
  • Following review and approval by the SUB and Rainbow Boards, the draft Water System Master Plan will be submitted to the Oregon Health Authority for final review leading to adoption.

Q&A Period

RWD and SUB Board members alternated in asking clarifying questions pertaining to the Water System Master Plan. This discussion included topics on water needs as related to Cascadia events, climate change, water system performance, infrastructure improvement, and coordinated efforts in long term planning.


Board President Allocco gave closing comments and adjourned the meeting for Rainbow Water District at 7:20 p.m. Vice-Chair Scherer shared closing comments and adjourned the meeting for Springfield Utility Board at 7:22 p.m.

Mike Eyster, Board Chair

Jeff Nelson, Board Secretary

Lou Allocco, Board President

Doug Keeler, Board Secretary