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W1.00 Meter Box Placement W1.00
W1.00.1 Typical Service Conduit Installation W1.00.1
W1.02 1″ x 3/4″ Meter Installation (Existing Service) W1.02
W1.02.1 1″ x 3/4″ Meter Installation (No Existing Service) W1.02.1
W1.02.2 1″ Angle Meter Valve Installation (No Meter Set) W1.02.2
W1.03 1″ Meter Installation (Existing Service) W1.03
W1.03.1 1″ Meter Installation (No Existing Service) W1.03.1
W1.04 2″ x 3/4″ Meter Installation W1.04
W1.05 2″ x 1″ Meter Installation W1.05
W1.06 2″ x 1 – 1/2″ Meter Installation W1.06
W1.07 2″ Meter Installation W1.07
W1.08 Multiplex Water Metering Sequence W1.08
W1.09 2″ Flush Point Dead End Installation – 2″ Water Main W1.09
W1.10 2″ Flush Point Looped Installation – 2″ Water Main W1.10
W1.11 Flush Point Water Mains 4″ to 10″ – Dead End Installations W1.11
W.1.11.1 Flush Point (Internal) Water Mains 4″ To 10″ Dead End Installation W1.11.1
W1.12 Flush Point Water Mains 4″ to 10″ – Tee Installations W1.12
W1.13 Typical Joint Trench Detail W1.13
W1.13.1 Typical Joint Trench Detail W1.13.1
W1.14 Fire Hydrant Installation W1.14
W1.15 Bollard Installation W1.15
W1.16 Valve Tile Installation and Wire Splice Detail W1.16
W1.16.1 Valve Lid and Meter Box Concrete Collars W1.16.1
W1.17 Typical Trench Sections W1.17
W1.17.1 Typical Trench Compaction Zones W1.17.1
W1.18 Valve Operating Nut Extension W1.18
W1.19 Wellhead Protection Sign W1.19
W1.20 1″ and 2″ Air Valve Installation W1.20
W1.21 1″ Auto flush Installation W1.21
W1.22 Cathodic Protection For Locate Wire W1.22
W1.22.1 Cathodic Protection Couplings and Joints W1.22.1
W1.22.2 Cathodic Protection Exothermic Weld & Cap W1.22.2
W1.22.3 Cathodic Protection Test Station W1.22.3
W1.23 New Water Line Under Existing Sewer W1.23
W1.23.1 Water Line Installation Over Sewer W1.23.1
W1.24 Water Under Existing Storm Drain W1.24
W1.25 Casing Installation W1.25
W1.26 Thrust Block Installation W1.26
W1.27 Spare Casing Detail W1.27
W1.28 Water Sample Station Standard Installation W1.28
W1.29 Connection to Existing Main – Land Division W1.29