Most of SUB’s water comes from groundwater, which means it passes through numerous layers of sand, silt, and rock, all of which act as a natural filter, protecting and purifying it as it travels to the aquifer below. SUB also supplements groundwater with water drawn from the Middle Fork Willamette River to allow us to meet growing demand.

Water from SUB’s Willamette wellfield and from the river is mixed together at SUB’s Slow Sand Filtration water treatment facility. There, water passes through layers of sand and gravel created to mimic the water table. Afterward, it is treated with ultraviolet light to kill organisms sometimes found in river water and then lightly chlorinated for additional protection.

Some people are sensitive to the taste of chlorine. If the taste bothers you, remember that chlorine is a gas and will dissipate into the air over time. Instead of drinking your water right from the tap, pour it into a pitcher and let it stand on your counter. Within an hour, the chlorine will dissipate and any residual taste will be gone.