Residential Backflow Testing Agreement ONLINE Form

I certify the information I have provided below is true and correct. I authorize SUB Water Division to provide my contact information to the program contracted tester. I grant SUB Water Division permission to schedule and authorize a certified backflow tester to enter the property listed above to test the backflow prevention assembly, to assure program requirements have been met.

By signing this agreement, I choose to voluntarily enter into this SUB Water Division backflow assembly testing program, which I understand will include a $29.00 testing fee (per assembly) to be added to my water bill upon completion of an assembly test. I also understand that any backflow assembly repair or replacement are separate costs and are not included in the testing fee.

Residential Backflow Testing Agreement Online Form

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By signing and hitting submit, I understand the terms of this agreement will continue until I contact SUB Water Division to remove myself from the program or I move. SUB Water Division has the right to remove me from the testing program at their discretion.