SUB bills monthly for water and electricity used in the previous month. As a convenience, your bill also shows City of Springfield sewer charges. That way, you need only write one check for your water, electricity and sewer/stormwater, and the City (and its taxpayers) saves significantly on the cost of mailing statements.

Your bill is based on your consumption as recorded by your household water and electric meters from the first day of the billing cycle to the last. It shows how much that usage costs given current electric and water rates. Click here on “How to read your statement” to see a sample SUB bill.

At SUB, we record and bill water consumption based on units. One unit of water is equal to 748 gallons.

Water rates at SUB are very competitive. Your particular rate will be determined by where you are located and the kind of service you have. A detailed water rate schedule is available by following the link referenced above. SUB works diligently on behalf of Springfield ratepayers to balance low rates with good, long-term stewardship of the water utility.

You have several options when paying your bill, including paying via automatic withdrawal, in person or by mail. Click here for more information on these options, or call SUB at 541-746-8451.

For billing questions related to your City of Springfield sewer charges, please call the City of Springfield at 541-726-3696.