To ensure protection of the public water supply, backflow testers must be certified through the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) before they can perform tests on assemblies in Oregon. Testers approved to work within Springfield city limits operate according to both Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) and SUB’s Cross-Connection Control (CCC) Program Standards. All certified backflow assembly testers adhere to the Certified Backflow Assembly Tester Code of Conduct.

Once you schedule a backflow test with one of the testers on the Certified Backflow Testers List, the tester will come to your home or place of business and test the condition of each of your backflow assemblies.  This involves checking the outside condition of your assembly as well as hooking up a testing gauge to check the inside components.  The inside components (called check valves) must hold a minimum pressure to pass the inspection, and the relief valve (only on certain assemblies) must open before a certain pressure differential is reached.

Mechanical backflow assemblies and preventers have internal check valves, seals, springs and moving parts that wear over time. Up to 15 percent test defective and need replacing or re-building. These assemblies and preventers have to be tested annually to ensure that they are working properly and are protecting the water supply.

If the backflow assembly is located outside and you are not able to meet the tester on site you can just leave the backflow paperwork you received from the Water Division for the tester.  If the backflow preventer is on the main water line to the building the water will need to be shut off for the test.  Testing only takes 5-10 minutes, so water will be back on shortly.

SUB provides a current list of Certified Backflow Testers as a convenience to customers. However, please note that Springfield Utility Board (SUB) cannot make any representation regarding the abilities, performance, or quality of service of the testers included on the list.  Customers should use their own judgment when contracting with these or any other testers.