Friday, February 1, 9:00 pm.

SUB water crews are making repairs to a water main at Main Street and 40th. Water service should be restored by approximately 11:00 pm. Some area customers have been notified that they are under a boil water notice. Directions on boiling their water before use are available at the link.

Customers that did not receive a boil water notice, but are within a one mile radius of the break may notice some clouding in their water until approximately 10-11 pm tonight. This is caused by harmless sediment in the distribution lines stirred-up by the accident.  The water is treated and is safe to drink.  However, SUB recommends customers delay optional water tasks, such as running dishwashers and washing machines, until the February 2nd at 2 am.  If water is needed, let it run from the tap for five to 10 minutes, which will allow most of the sediment to clear. Running water for this length of time will cost less than ten cents.

If you have any questions, call SUB at 541-746-8451.