June 17, 2021 – The state of Oregon today shared information about chlorine and caustic soda supply and delivery issues that could affect water and wastewater utilities in Oregon and along the West Coast.

SUB has adequate supplies of chlorine gas to last through the expected duration of the shortage; therefore, our customers are not currently affected. We anticipate limited or no impacts to the Eugene-Springfield water supply.

The areas three water providers—EWEB, SUB and Rainbow Water District—have been in regular communication during this supply shortage. The utilities have standing mutual assistance agreements in place, including water system interties, should the shortage become prolonged.

The cause of the current situation was equipment failure at a large chlorine producer in Longview, Washington that interrupted manufacturing processes.

SUB uses chlorine in small amounts to disinfect water before it is released into our distribution system.

The State of Oregon has more information here.