Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption of Amendment to Water System Development Charges

Amending Chapter 5 - Water, of the Springfield Utility Board policies regarding Development/ Redevelopment Charges.

 The Springfield Utility Board plans to hold a public hearing on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, during its 6:00 p.m. regular board meeting on a proposed amendment to SUB Water Development/ Redevelopment Charge policies to provide for an adjustment in existing water development charges of 4.59 percent (4.59%), with a proposed effective date of October 1, 2023, in accordance with existing methodology. There is no change in the methodology.

 The public is invited to join the public hearing during the regular board meeting in-person or remotely via phone or internet. Members of the public will be prompted to share general comments during Business from the Audience, and will be prompted during the public hearing to share input to the Board regarding proposed amendment to SUB Water Development/ Redevelopment Charge policies. Prior to the meeting, an agenda will be available on the website at under Board Meetings and will include instructions to join remotely. Public comment may also be submitted in advance by Noon on April 12, to be entered into the record by using the email link provided on the agenda.

Particulars of the amendment will be available for public review prior to the meeting/public hearing on SUB’s website under Board Meetings. To receive a copy of the proposed amendment by mail, or to obtain answers to questions about the proposed amendment, please contact SUB Water Division at 541-726-2396.