The Job Classifications (Job Descriptions) provide an overview and examples of the essential functions assigned to a position. They also outline the minimum qualifications and required knowledge, skills and abilities for each job. This is NOT a list of current job postings. To view current postings, click on  Job Descriptions are updated periodically.

If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at 541-726-2398.

Accountant Technician I – IV
Accounts Payable Clerk
Administrative Assistant – Electric Service Center
Administrative Assistant – HR
Administrative Assistant – Water Service Center
Application Developer
Applications Support Analyst
Apprentice Line Technician
Apprentice Station Wireman
Benefits Coordinator
CAD – FM Support Technician
Civil Engineer 1 – 3 – Water Service Center
Community Relations Assistant
Community Relations Manager
Custodian 1-4
Customer Service Assistant
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Rep A, I – VI – Electric Service Center
Customer Service Rep A, I – VI – Energy & Conservation Services
Customer Service Rep A, I – VI – Main Office
Cutomer Service Rep A, I – VI – Water Service Center
Customer Service Supervisor
Database Administrator
Director of Electric Engineering and Operations
Director of Finance and Information Services
Director of Management Info Services
Director Water Engineering and Operations
Drinking Water Source Protection Coordinator
Electric Engineering Manager
Electric Foreman
Electric Operations Supervisor
Electric Service Center Computer Systems Technician
Electric Service Center Engineering Technician 1 – 3
Electrical Engineer Associate/Electrical Engineer
Energy and Conservation Services Manager
Energy Services Representative
ESC Utility Operations Specialist
Facilities Coordinator
Executive Assistant
Fleet Warehouse Supervisor
General Accounting Manager
Human Resources Analyst
Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources Manager
Journey-Level Line Clearance Tree Trimmer
Journey Level Line Technician
Journey-Level Meter Technician
Journeyman Station Wireman
Journeyman Substation-Metering Technician
Lead Tree Program – Operations Assistant
Lead Vehicle Technician-Utilityman
Line Crew Leader
Line Working Foreman
Maintenance Worker
Meter Reader – Collector
Meter Reader – Temporary
Meter Reading Working Crew Leader
Meter Reading and Billing Manager
Network Engineer
Office Assistant 1
Office Assistant 2
Network Engineer
Payroll Administrator
Purchasing Agent
Relay and SCADA Engineer 1-3
Resource Planning Supervisor
Safety Administrator
Senior Civil Engineer
Standards and Planning Engineer 1 – 3
Systems Administrator
Substation Relay Crew Leader
Temporary Office Assistant & Safey Intern
Tree Program – Operations Assistant
Tree Trimming Working Crew Leader
Utility Analyst
Utility Planner
Vehicle Technician-Utilityman
Water Crew Helper
Water Crew-Storekeeper Helper
Water Engineering Supervisor
Water Engineering Technician 1 – 3
Water Foreman
Water Heavy Equipment Operator
Water Meterman
Water Operations Supervisor
Water Production Foreman
Water Production Operator Helper
Water Production Operator I
Water Production Operator II
Water Production SCADA Technician
Water Quality Program Manager
Water Quality Utilityman
Water Service Center Operations Assistant
Water Superintendent
Water Utilityman
WSC Utility Operations Specialist