How to prepare for an outage

Be prepared for power outages with an emergency power outage kit, and keep it close at hand so it’s easy to find in the dark. Make sure your kit includes:

  • Flashlights (preferably two or more) with fresh batteries. Check the batteries every six months. Keep a flashlight in your car so you will have light if you are entering your home after dark.
  • Long-burning candles and candle holders (please make sure you have a working fire extinguisher in your home).
  • Matches, both book matches and longer wooden matches.
  • Battery-powered radio; wind-up or battery-powered clock.
  • Spare batteries for all emergency equipment (flashlights, radio and clock).
  • A two-day supply of water and either freeze-dried or canned foods (and, of course, a hand-operated can opener).
  • A spare first aid kit near your power outage kit, or include first aid materials inside.
  • A phone that doesn’t rely on electricity. If your primary telephone is a cordless phone or a phone powered through an answering machine, it won’t work during an outage, but a phone that plugs directly into a phone jack often will and can keep you in contact with the outside world during an emergency.