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Boil Water Notices

Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Customers

Businesses located in an area where a boil water advisory or order has been issued, and that either serve the public or have employees working on-site, must immediately put in place alternate procedures to provide water service:

  • Discontinue the use of tap water.
  • Boiled water can be used. Water that is chemically disinfected in the facility is not allowed.
  • Alternative sources of safe water must be provided for drinking, cooking, washing food or surfaces that come in contact with food, and for any other purpose that could result in water being ingested.
  • The facility must be closed if alternative sources of safe water are unavailable.

Facilities licensed by Lane County Environmental Health

Licensed facilities should follow Oregon Health Authority’s Emergency Response Guidelines during a boil water advisory or order if tap water is biologically contaminated. When a boil water advisory or order is issued, a health inspector will contact the facility to ensure operations include appropriate alternative procedures.

Critical Facilities

Critical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes that cannot be closed must contact Lane County Public Health for assistance with operations during a boil water advisory or order. Critical facilities should immediately implement Emergency Response Guidelines for licensed facilities until a health inspector arrives.

For more information about Lane County Environmental Health requirements for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers, call (541) 682-4480 during business hours or (541) 682-4041 after hours.

Residential Customers

Please use the following guidelines:

Cold Water Faucets

Run all cold water faucets in your home at the same time for five full minutes with the highest water flow possible. Avoid splashing or flooding of the drains. If you have a single-lever faucet, set it to run the cold water first.

Hot Water Faucets

To clear hot-water pipes and your water heater, turn on all hot water faucets (or turn your single-lever faucets to the hot position) and run for a minimum of 15 minutes for a typical household 40-gallon hot-water tank. For an 80-gallon hot water tank or larger, run water for at least 30 minutes. Hot water is then safe to use for washing hands, and for hand-washing of dishes, pots, and pans, etc. Remember, SUB recommends that you never use hot water for cooking or for preparing baby formula. Always start with cold water for these purposes.


After flushing hot water pipes and your water heater, run your empty dishwasher one time.


Change all filters located at the tap or within an appliance.

Refrigerator water dispensers

Water dispensers from refrigerators should be flushed using at least one quart of water. If unsure of your dispenser’s capacity, refer to manufacturer specifications.

Ice cubes

To flush the automatic ice dispensers, make three batches of ice and discard.


Discard any water used in humidifiers, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, and oral, medical, or health care devices. Rinse devices with clean water before using.

Food & Baby Formula

Discard baby formula and other foods prepared with water on the day(s) of the boil water notice.

Water Softeners

Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines specified in the owner’s manual.