What should I do if my tap water has constantly brown or yellow water?

In most cases, the water will clear on its own within 2 hours or less. If your water is discolored:

  • Water use should be avoided if there are particles or sediment in the water. It may not be harmful but sediments can clog aerators and home filters. It is fine to use this water to flush toilets.
  • If possible, do not run the washing machine or dishwasher until the water has cleared.
  • Wait an hour for the system to settle, and then run water at one tap for up to five minutes to see if it clears. If it does not clear, wait another hour and try again. When the water runs clear, run water throughout the house to flush any sediment that may have been drawn into your pipes.
  • If discolored water has been drawn into the hot water system, the hot water can continue to be used until the discoloration dissipates and is no longer an aesthetic issue.
  • Customers may choose to drink bottled water while they wait for the discoloration to clear.