• Call SUB at (541) 746-0963 for an energy audit. A SUB energy expert will visit your home and recommend energy-saving improvements. It’s free, easy to do, and will put you on the right track to making energy-saving changes to your home.
  • Be sure the insulation in your home is adequate: SUB recommends R-19 in the floor, R-11 in walls, and R-38 in attic spaces.
  • Caulk window frames and door frames to prevent air leakage. Compensate for ill-fitting doors by adding weatherstripping.
  • Patch holes in your drywall. This takes only a few minutes and will keep heat from escaping.
  • Plant deciduous trees on your home’s southwest side. The leaves will block heat in the summer and fall off in the winter, allowing winter sunlight to warm your home.
  • Plant evergreen trees (conifers) on the north and west sides of your home to block chilling winter winds and intense summer heat.