SUB customers enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the nation. That said, by being a smart electricity consumer, you can drive your bill down as low as it can go. And SUB would like to help. After all, the less power you use, the less money SUB must invest in expensive new infrastructure.

SUB’s Conservation Connection is a resource for anyone looking to pay less on their utility bill. We offer a range of special programs designed to help you save. For individual home owners, we offer:

Heat Pump Loans
Appliance Rebates
Home Weatherization
Super Good Cents Manufactured Home incentives

In addition to these programs, check out our comprehensive list of energy saving tips here.

Commercial and industrial clients can save, too, by using special programs designed just for them.

Visit the Conservation Connection. They are located across the street from SUB’s main office at 223 A Street in Springfield. Or call them at 541-744-0963 (home owners) or 541-744-2264 (business clients) for information!