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 A Connected Cluster is passive fiber to the premises infrastructure owned by SUB and used by a Provider under a 10-year term.  It is designed and constructed by the Provider and SUB reimburses the Provider for the construction.  The Provider then reimburses SUB over time for the use of the Connected Cluster.  An application for a Connected Cluster will be held for 30 calendar days.  If no other applications for the same or similar cluster are submitted within that period, SUB will proceed with discussions with the Provider on drafting a Connected Cluster Agreement and (pending satisfactory progress) Board consideration.  If another application for the same or similar connected cluster is received within the 30-day period, SUB will proceed with discussions with all accepted applications, draft connected cluster agreements, and (pending satisfactory progress) Board consideration with a staff recommendation.  Connected Clusters must be within the City of Springfield city limits and SUB must provide electric service to the location.

 Connected Cluster Application Process

Please note that any proposed Connected Cluster is subject to Board approval and SUB reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.  If insufficient progress is made to draft an agreement associated with an accepted application, the application will become inactive.  SUB’s Board has indicated an interest of investing in $1,000,000 in additional SUB/publicly-owned infrastructure associated with enhancing telecommunications services.  One purpose of this program is to “leverage public assets to enhance private competition.”

Application are to be submitted to Tracy Richardson at tracyr@subutil.com and Jeff Nelson jeffn@subutil.com, and need to contain the following information:

  1. Company name and contact information.
  2. Statement indicating that the Company has a current license with the City to provide end use service within the City of Springfield.  Please provide license number or other identifier.
  3. Summary of experience in designing, constructing, and maintaining fiber to the premises installations.
  4. Summary of experience marketing and providing service to end use customers.
  5. General description of area and map of proposed cluster with homes and businesses designated to be connected (does not need to be design specific).  Identify the number of connections.
  6. Summary of design work conducted for the cluster (e.g. general overview of time spent in field/back office).
  7. Proposed demarcation point identified on map and general description of demarcation point.
  8. Will the project be connected to SUB middle mile fiber?
  9. Identified use of pre-existing SUB owned conduit and estimated length of SUB conduit.
  10. Proposed use of SUB property for staging and/or storing materials used in construction (if no proposed use, please indicate that SUB property is not required for storage and staging).
  11. Proposed project construction start date.
  12. Proposed project construction end date.
  13. Proposed start of providing end use service.  Describe any plan to market service at the cluster location.

SUB will review a submittal and respond whether or not it satisfactorily meets the above requirements and has been accepted.  Please allow at least two (2) business days for SUB to review the application.  SUB will post the following on SUB’s website:

Company Name

Description of Cluster, map, number of connections

Proposed construction start date

Proposed construction end date

Application Acceptance Date

Status – Status may be;

  • “Pending 30 Day Application Period for Other Applications for the Same Area”
  • “30 Day Period Concluded – In Discussion Pending Board Consideration”
  • “Board Will Consider Connected Cluster Planned On XX/XX/XXXX”
  • “Board Approved – Updated estimated start and end dates for construction” or [“Board Denied – (reason for denial)”] or “Withdrawn/Inactive – New applications will be accepted”
  • “Install Completed and Accepted by SUB”

*SUB will require Applicant to submit materials and installation cost information (that will be reimbursed by SUB to the Applicant) as an addendum at a later date.

If a proposal is selected after the 30-day period, then SUB will need additional detailed information and any proprietary nature of that information can be addressed at that time.

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