Your Due Date

Your bill is due by the due date, located in the upper right hand corner of your bill.

Payment Extensions / Arrangements

Financial difficulties happen. Customers who find themselves unable to pay their utility bill in full by the statement due date can call SUB at 541-746-9852 before the due date for assistance. Our customer service staff is ready and available to help make reasonable payment extensions or arrangements.

There are two components to a satisfactory credit arrangement/extension. The first is clear communication regarding the difficulties being experienced so staff can make the most flexible arrangements possible. The second is a strong commitment toward paying off the balance due.

Customers may also qualify during the winter season (November 1 – April 30th) for one-time assistance through SUB’s energy assistance program, Project Share. Other assistance may also be available – click here for a list of phone numbers of agencies providing assistance in the Springfield/Eugene area.

If payment extension or arrangement is made, then it is essential that the customers keep to that schedule. Failure to do so may result in disconnection and additional fees.

Collection Procedures

Our goal is to keep every customer connected and we make every effort to make sure that happens. However, when customers don’t pay their bills, we must go through a collection process, just as any other business does.

Collection efforts are costly. To ensure that customers who stay current on their bills do not subsidize these collection costs, SUB assesses fees for collection efforts. There are charges for payments that don’t clear the bank, as well as for 24 hour notices, late payments, collection at the door, disconnection and reconnection of services, and other collection-related activities. Also, SUB may require an additional security deposit if a pattern of late payments develops.