Safe and Clear Access

SUB’s meter readers need to have safe and clear access to your meters

  • Walkways and decks must be clear of obstructions. Remember to trim back plants that may have grown around meters.
  • Pets must be leashed or kept indoors on meter reading days.
  • Gates must be unlocked on meter-reading days. If this is not possible, see below for information on SUB’s gate lock program.
  • We can provide you with a courtesy gate lock that our staff can open.
Courtesy Gate Lock Program

If your meter is behind a gate and you are unable to keep it unlocked on meter reading days, call SUB at 541-744-3618 to get a free gate lock. This courtesy lock can be opened only by you and SUB staff. You can also find out when your meter is likely to be read.

Employee Identification

All SUB employees who work in the field carry employee identification. And meter readers wear distinctive shirts and jackets. If someone is on your property claiming to be a SUB employee, don’t hesitate to ask for his or her identification.

Estimated Bills

SUB will do everything possible to help you create safe access to your meter. If SUB can’t read your meter because of an obstacle or obstruction, your usage will be estimated and that will be noted on your bill. This estimate will be based on previous meter readings at the site.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Like other area utilities, some of SUB’s residential electric meters include technology that allows them to be read without physical access to the meter. These meters are used in situations where safety or meter access are concerns, or to improve meter reading efficiencies and accuracy along certain routes. As with all meters, we ask AMR meters to be kept clear of obstructions. This allows staff to conduct routine maintenance and to access the meters on an as needed basis to obtain a manual reading.