With Average Payment Plan, your SUB bill will be about the same every month, making budgeting a breeze.

You qualify for enrollment if:
Your account is paid in full AND
You’ve been at your current address for at least one year

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Owe about the same, month after month.
Balancing out your monthly payments is a great way to budget. That’s why the Springfeld Utility Board’s Average Payment Plan (APP) lets you plan in advance for your monthly bill. With APP, you build up a reserve in spring and summer to pay for higher heating costs in the late fall and winter.

How does it work?
SUB continues to read your meters  every month, but instead of billing actual usage, SUB bills you each month for the average of your previous 12 months’ actual use. This kind of billing, called a “rolling average,” reflects your average usage and SUB’s current rates.

The chart above shows how a typical customer’s bills are averaged out under SUB’s APP program. Bills may vary month-to-month, but not a lot unless your usage changes considerably. Weather, rate increases, and changes to your household can cause higher fluctuations.

Then, each April, SUB will send you a “catch up” bill. If you used more electricity during the year than the rolling average predicted, SUB will bill that amount on your April statement. If you used less electricity, SUB owes you and will automatically apply the credit to your account.

As an added service, SUB reviews your use periodically. If it’s changed enough to create a high April catch-up bill,  we’ll adjust the monthly bills slightly to keep that April bill as predictable as possible!

You can participate in SUB’s APP if…

•Your account is paid in full, and
•You’ve been at your current address for at least one year.

If you meet both conditions, sign up during the April and May enrollment period by filling out the form on the left and hit submit and you are done!  Depending on when you sign up, your May or June utility statement will reflect your new rolling average. You can cancel at any time. Note: Accounts that become past due may be removed from the program.