AutoPay is a free program that allows customers to automatically pay their bill from a designated bank account without writing a check or leaving home.

Just follow these simple steps to get started:
1. Make sure your SUB account is paid in full in order to initiate this program.
2. Complete the Auto-Pay Authorization Form.
3. To pay from a checking account, provide a check with “VOID” written on it. (To pay from your savings account, call SUB at 541-746-8451.)
4. Send the authorization form and the voided check to SUB:

Send it by mail: Send to SUB, P.O. Box 300, Springfield, OR 97477 or include the items with your next payment.

Send it electronically: You can snap a photo of the completed enrollment form and voided check and email it to

Enrollment is free, and until further notice, customers who enroll their account will receive a $10 credit on their bill.

The details: With this free service, you will continue to receive your monthly bill as your receipt. The amount due will withdraw on the due date printed on the statement. Prefer a different date? Call SUB and we can provide the various withdrawal dates available for your account.

Allow two weeks for processing. Once you’ve completed these steps, just sit back and save, save, save on checks, stamps, envelopes. And – most important – your time and effort. What could be easier?

Please note there is a limit of one $10 credit per new account enrollment.