Commercial & Industrial Incentives

Save Energy | Reduce Costs | Improve Facilities

Upgrade your new or existing commercial facility to be more energy efficient.
SUB works with you, your contractor and/or your vendor to qualify your project for SUB’s incentives to help pay for improvements.

Carefully read the SUB ESD Programs Incentive Application, print, fill out, sign and submit to SUB your pre-application for incentives. Please also submit the scope, bid, estimate or your project proposal. Call 541-746-0963 for more information.

Standard Incentive amounts greater than $20,000 will be adjusted by the following formula:
Adjusted Incentive = $10,000 + ( 50% × Standard Incentive). This applies cumulatively to all projects at one location for two years (starting on date of first qualifying installation). Adjusted incentives greater than $100,000 are subject to additional adjustments.

Checklist to quickly and easily apply for and receive SUB incentives:

Items 1—4 of the following checklist are to be complete before estimating incentive amount, purchasing equipment, or removing old equipment:

1) Pre-approval before beginning project: fill out, sign & submit the SUB Incentive Application – SUB ESD Programs Incentive Application

2) Schedule a pre-project audit for SUB to confirm the existing equipment location, quantity, type, etc.

3) Submit project summary or proposal including:

  1. Existing Equipment (location, quantity, fixture types, wattages)—plan drawings are appreciated,
  2. Proposed Equipment (location, quantity, wattages, brands & models)—must be on a qualified products lists:
 DesignLights Consortium® (DLC), or ENERGY STAR®.
  3. Hours of operation and type of controls for each area of upgrade,
  4. HVAC type and fuel source for each area of upgrade,
  5. Costs of Equipment, Labor, Lift Rental, Shipping, etc.,
  6. Disposal Plan & Estimated Cost for Disposal of Hazardous Materials (lamps & PCB ballasts).

4) SUB Lighting Calculator must be completed with above info either by SUB or Contractor. Available here: SUB Lighting Calculator

5) Upon project completion

  • Schedule final inspection with SUB
  • Submit copy of all project invoices, including labor, material, etc.
  • Submit documentation of proper disposal of old equipment containing hazardous materials (mercury, PCBs, etc.)


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