Special Programs

Led Lighting

Compared with traditional light sources like incandescents, fluorescents, and halogens, LEDs are more efficient, generate less heat, give the same amount of light, and use less energy. Energy Star® certified and Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualified lights last up to 50,000 hours. With fast advancing technology and falling prices, there are real savings potential for homeowners and businesses.

Why the ENERGY STAR Logo Matters

When purchasing an LED, look for the blue ENERGY STAR logo on the packaging. The ENERGY STAR label guarantees quality, performance, and efficiency. Bulbs that are not ENERGY STAR certified do not meet the high standards for brightness, color, energy use, and lifetime rating.

CFL Recycling Program

Because fluorescent lights (CFLs and linear tubes) contain a small amount of mercury (less than in traditional thermometers and thermostats), they should not be thrown in the trash, but should be disposed of properly with other household hazardous waste products. One of the best options is to recycle them by taking them to one of many local retailers. Visit the Lane County website for more information.