$500 Residential Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate

How to get a Springfield Utility Board (SUB) Level 2 Charger rebate:

  1. Purchase and install an eligible charger for a new or used DMV-registered electric vehicle at the same SUB electric service address
  2. Complete, sign, and submit the rebate application form below.
  3. Attach a copy of the charger installation receipt and a copy of the DMV registration.
  4. We will process your application within two weeks. If this application is approved, SUB will credit your residential electric account. If the application is not approved, we will mail you a letter explaining why.

To be eligible for this rebate:

  • A qualified Level 2 charger must be installed at a residence with SUB electric service
  • Charger must comply with the current SAE International J1772 Standard
  • Charger must be new, unused, and certified at the time of installation
  • Charger must be ENERGY STAR rated
  • Have a (new or used) electric vehicle DMV-registered to the same SUB service address
  • SUB electric bill for listed address must be current
Max. file size: 4 MB.
Max. file size: 4 MB.