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This will serve as our intent to award, pending Board approval, August 9th, 2023.

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Big River Construction, Inc. $123,940.00






BID NO. 2023-23




Electronic proposals for Willamette SSFP Sand Media Placement project will be accepted.  To submit electronically, please email Rebecca Wheeler, Purchasing Agent, at  Email must be received no later than 2 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, on Friday, July 14th, 2023 to be accepted.  The options for sealed, hardcopy proposal packet delivery are as follows:

Mail to: Rebecca Wheeler, Purchasing Agent, Water Division, Springfield Utility Board, 202 South 18th Street, Springfield, OR 97477; or, drop off at the above address during business hours, then proceed by calling the front desk at 541-726-2396 to make aware of the delivery. No bids will be received after the BID CLOSING time.


A PRE-BID SITE VISIT available upon request for this project at the project Site, located at 1295 South 26th Street, Springfield, Oregon 97477.


Contemplated work consists of furnishing all labor and equipment necessary for the following work:


  1. Flopping the old and new sand. Method must be approved by OWNER prior to execution.  Proposed method shall not place undue equipment pressures on the existing filter bed.
  2. Excavate/shovel and dispose of the dirty sand from edges of the liner of the Filter Bed #1 at an area designated onsite (take extra care not to damage liner, any damage SUB will back charge the contractor to have a certified liner contractor repair).
  3. Remove/move existing sand from the bottom of the filter (Refer to Exhibit A).
  4. Installing new sand from the sand storage area (Refer to Exhibit A).
  5. Cap the new sand layer of the removed/moved existing sand (Refer to Exhibit A).
  6. The top of the sand layer must be a uniform density and elevation so that the filter-cleaning machine can operate on the surface.
  7. The top of the finished media shall be flat to within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.04 feet of the average elevation.
  8. Steel Tracks equipment are not allowed within the filter bed area due to the bed liner system.
  9. All equipment shall be steam cleaned and leak free prior to being mobilized onsite.
  10. Equipment needs food grade fluids for the hydraulics, coolant, grease, to access filter beds for placement of the sand media (preferred products BioFlo HEES 46, AMSOIL Propylene Glycol, TruGrease FG AP 2 or prior engineered approval).

Note: This work is Prevailing Wage as determined by BOLI, January 2023 book.


A complete set of proposal documents may be viewed in PDF format and downloaded at

No proposal will be considered by the Springfield Utility Board unless the Bidder agrees to be bound by and will comply with the provisions of ORS 279C.800 to 279C.870 and 40 U.S.C. 276(a) pertaining to prevailing wages, as applicable.  Each bid must contain a statement as to whether or not the bidder is a resident bidder as defined in ORS 279A.120.  Each bid must also contain a statement as to whether the bidder is registered with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.  No bid will be received or considered unless the bidder is registered with the Construction Contractors Board, as required by ORS 701.035.ET.SEQ.  Faxed copies will NOT be accepted.


Special minimum experience qualifications apply to portions of this project.  General Contractors (Bidders) who are not already listed as pre-qualified by the SUB Water Department shall submit to the Engineer and Purchasing Agent a Request for Qualification complying in form and content to the requirements of the bid documents.  The minimum qualifications and submittal requirements are specified in the Contract Documents.  Requests for Qualification shall be presented to the Engineer and Purchasing Agent no later than 2 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, 10th of July, 2023. All Requests for Qualification shall be sent directly to Keoki Lapina and Rebecca Wheeler, Springfield Utility Board, 202 S 18th Street, Springfield, OR  97477, phone 541-726-2396.  PROPOSALS SUBMITTED BY A NON-QUALIFIED GENERAL CONTRACTOR (BIDDER) SHALL BE CONSIDERED NON-RESPONSIVE AND SHALL BE REJECTED.


First-tier and other subcontractors must be accepted by Springfield Utility Board prior to the pre-construction meeting.


Proposals must be submitted on the prescribed forms and must be accompanied by certified

check, cashier's check, or bid bond executed in favor of Springfield Utility Board in an amount not less than 5 percent (5%) of the amount bid. The successful bidder will be required to furnish to Springfield Utility Board a performance bond and a payment bond each equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the amount of the bid.  The successful bidder and all subcontractors will be required to furnish to the Oregon Construction Contractors Board a public works bond in the amount of $30,000, unless exempt under ORS 279C.


Acceptance of bids and award of contract will follow procedures provided by ORS 279C and in accordance with all applicable Springfield Utility Board policies.  Springfield Utility Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any irregularities, and to accept the bid deemed in the best interests of Springfield Utility Board.  Springfield Utility Board may reject any bid not in compliance with all prescribed public bidding procedures and requirements, and may reject for good cause any or all bids upon a finding of the agency it is in the public interest to do so.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

We do not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our activities or operations.

These activities include, but are not limited to, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all volunteers, subcontractorsand vendors.