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36" Ductile Iron Pipe Bid Results

Ferguson- $87,680.88
Core & Main- $93,845.80
Consolidated- $123,334.85
H.D. Fowler- $123,540.60

Ferguson was able to provide the lowest price and competitive lead time of 20-25 weeks.  SUB will be awarding this bid lump sum to Ferguson. Thanks to all for the bids, Charlie.


Please submit price and availability by Tuesday, 5/24/22 at 3:00 P.M.. SUB reserves the right to award by each or lump sum and bid items must be part of SUB’s specifications, which are located on www.subutil.com at this link, http://www.subutil.com/water/water-standards/..  Thanks, Charlie.

252 LF - 36” Weldment ring restraint joint ductile iron pipe class 50

NOTE: All ductile iron pipes furnished to SUB shall include a minimum of 10% fully gauged pipe per SUB Standards

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