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Staff has recommended to the Springfield Utility Board to approve RFP 09.22 Design-Build Glenwood Substation Control House be made at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on the evening of June 8, 2022. Recommendation is to award to Chambers Construction with the highest evaluated score.


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09.22 RFP Glenwood Control Enclosure Design Build 

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09.22 Attachment 1 - Scope of Work 

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09.22 Attachment 2 - Evaluation Criteria

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09.22 Attachment 3 - Proposal Submittal Checklist

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09.22 Attachment 4 - Drawing D663A plan view North



The drawing shows “Existing Vertical Conduit”.  Can you provide more details for those conduits?  We’ll need to verify footing locations and will need to avoid the conduit runs.  Footing locations will dictate building design, so we’ll need to know locations for these ductbanks as well as underground routing.


“The conduit banks are approximately 21” x 10”, consisting of 1”, 2” and 3” conduits, located as shown in drawing D663A.  These conduits sweep up from a horizontal run to come up vertically through the floor about 6” from the closest wall.  The vertical portion of the conduit below grade is 18 inches”


For the HVAC design:

  • Provide high and low set points

Provide additional BTU data created by any equipment that we need to account for in our design


“We are looking to the contractor to help determine the correct sizing for this application during the design phase of the project.  There will be up to 25 computers mounted in racks in the center of the building.  These are passively cooled.  It is expected that the HVAC can maintain 70 degrees during all seasons.  As an example, we have one poorly insulated building that utilizes a 18,000 BTU ductless heatpump for a buildout about 2/3 the size of this one.“

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