Bid Number: 2021-27
Bid Due: 07/19/2021 10:00 am
Bid Status: Closed
Prevailing Wage Required: No
Bid Questions Contact: Charlie Bagwell
Bid Questions Email:
Bid Questions Phone: 541-501-0007
Technical Questions Contact: Cam Hanes
Technical Questions Email:
Technical Questions Phone Number: 541-744-3734


Please submit price and guaranteed availability by Monday, 7/19/21 at 10:00 A.M.. SUB reserves the right to award by each or lump sum and bid items must be part of SUB’s specifications, which are located on at this link,  All ductile iron pipes furnished to SUB shall include a minimum of 10% fully gauged pipe. Thanks, Charlie.

1,000 LF- 6” Ductile iron pipe Class 52

5,000 LF- 8” Ductile iron pipe Class 50

2,000 LF- 12” Ductile iron pipe Class 50

2,500 LF- 30” Weldment ring restraint joint ductile iron pipe class 50

 Standard Purchase Order Conditions

Springfield Utility Board's standard purchase order conditions apply. Standard purchase order conditions are posted on SUB's website.