Bid Number: 19.21
Bid Due: 10/28/2021 2:00 pm
Bid Status: Open
Prevailing Wage Required: Yes
Bid Questions Contact: Sandi Weston
Bid Questions Email:
Bid Questions Phone: 541-744-3706
Technical Questions Contact: Rudy Eckert
Technical Questions Email:
Technical Questions Phone Number: 541-744-3754


Addendum #


Bid Document

19.21 Bid Doc Glenwood Substation Earthwork and Foundations 

Scope of Work

19.21 Scope of Work

Site Prep

Drawing sheet L2.0 Site Topographic Survey

Drawing sheet L3.0 Site Plan

Drawing sheet L4.0 Planting Plan

Geotechnical Report

Glenwood Electrical Substation Construction Plans Sheet C1-C3

Glenwood Substation Vicinity Map

Glenwood Wetland Delineation Map

MSS3162 Glenwood Substation Site Prep


Drawing sheet D650D Foundation Plan

Drawing sheet D659A Foundation Details-115kV A-Frame

Drawing sheet D659B Foundation Details-115kV PCB

Drawing sheet D659C Foundation Details-Pier Footings

Drawing Sheet D659D Glenwood Transformer Foundations and Oil Containment

Drawing sheet D659E Foundation Details-Vacuum Breakers

Drawing sheet D659F Foundation Details-Lighting

MSS3160 Glenwood Substation Concrete Foundations 


Drawing sheet D650E Conduit Plan

Drawing sheet D650E-2 Conduit Plan

Drawing sheet D650F Exterior Conduit Plan

MSS 3164 Glenwood Substation Conduit


Drawing Sheet D651A Grounding Site Plan

Drawing Sheet D651B Grounding Details

Drawing Sheet D651C Grounding Details Page 2

MSS3163 Glenwood Substation Grounding


Drawing Sheet D699 Fencing Plan

MSS3171 Fence Specification


ESD0070 Vault Installation

MSD4001 4x4 Vault

MSD4002 4x6 Vault

MSD4003 Concrete Vault Lids

MSD4003-6 50x72-Doors

MSD4003-8 56x56-Doors

MSD4012 5x7 Vault

Construction Guidelines

31 10 00 Site clearing

31 20 00 Earth moving

31 23 1613 Trenching and Backfill

32 12 16 Asphalt paving

32 93 00 Planting

33 41 00 Storm Utility Drainage Piping


Army Corp of Engineers Wetlands Permit #NWP-2018-610

City Planning Comm - AS ADOPTED - site plan

Drinking Water Protection Overlay

Land & Drainage Alteration Permit & DEQ 1200-C Storm Water Discharge Permit 


Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference

Mandatory Walk Through:

When:  10-15-21 @ 10:30 a.m.

Where:  Meet at Southern Lot at end of East 22nd Ave, Glenwood, OR  (Parcel 1803031300101)

RSVP: - or - leave message at 541-744-3706

Walk Through is weather permitting.  Please RSVP to stay informed of walk through details.


In attendance:

Wildish Construction

Pacific Excavation

Magnum Power

Cascade Civil Corp.

JH Kelly

Laskey-Clifton Corp.

Brown Contracting

CN Contractors