Bid Number: 14.21
Bid Due: 09/28/2021 2:00 pm
Bid Status: Open
Prevailing Wage Required: Yes
Bid Questions Contact: Sandi Weston
Bid Questions Email:
Bid Questions Phone: 541-744-3706
Technical Questions Contact: Tamara Pitman
Technical Questions Email:
Technical Questions Phone Number: 541-744-3729



***Bid Walkthrough Responses and Clarifications and NEW DRAWINGS

Bid Walkthrough Responses and Clarifications

D1019_PACS Bldg Foundation

D1021B-Existing Conduit_Complete Yard

D1022-Springfield Grounding Plan

RFP Document

14.21 RFP Springfield Substation Foundation and Conduits

Scope of Work

14.21 Attachment 1 - Scope of Work

Standards and Drawings

ESD 0070 - Vault Installation Notes and Details

MSS 3160 Substation Concrete Foundations

MSS 3162 Springfield Substation Site Preparation

MSS 3163 Substation Grounding

MSS 3164 Substation Conduit

MSS 3171 Substation Fence Specifications 


D1016A-Foundation Plan

D1016B-Foundation Details-Vacuum Breaker

D1016C-Foundation Details-Pier Footings

D1021A-New Conduit and Fencing Plan

D1021-Existing Conduit-Removals

D1022A-Springfield Grounding Details Sh 1

D1022B-Springfield Grounding Details Sh 2

D1022-Springfield Grounding Plan

Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference

Mandatory Pre Bid Walk Through

When:  September 14, 2021

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Meet at:  Springfield Substation, 1701 S. A Street, Springfield

RSVP: - or - leave a message 541-744-3706


In attendance:

JH Kelly

Cascade Civil Corp

DJ\'s Electrical

Accurate Underground

Pacific Excavation


Magnum Power