SUB works with a variety of vendors to assist with construction, installation and other projects, and to purchase necessary equipment and materials. To keep rates low and affordable, competitive bids are sought for materials and services. Please be sure to review the following important documents before bidding:

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Electric Service Division
Bid Number Description Status
06.20 06.20 - Jasper Substation Foundation Open
05.20 05.20 - UG Primary Cable Closed
04.20 04.20 - April Stock Closed
03.20 03.20 - March Stock Closed
02.20 02.20 - Distribution Transformers Closed
01.20 01.20 - Electric Service Center Lower Roof Construction Closed
Water Service Division
Bid Number Description Status
2020.14 North System Transmission-E Street Pavement Restoration Open
03.20 South Hills Pump Station Closed
General Management
Bid Number Description Status
01.20 Request for Quote Envelopes, Billing and Remittance Closed