Springfield Utility Board was founded in 1949 and is an independently operated municipal electric and water utility governed by a locally-elected board. Serving 25+ square miles in and around the city of Springfield, Oregon (population 55,000), the utility offers its customers one of the lowest water and electric rates in the Pacific Northwest, with equity in excess of $100 million and with no debt.

Ratepayer satisfaction is important to SUB. Customers are pleased with their utility’s performance, with 93% rating the overall performance of the utility “good or excellent.” For a detailed look at results of the utility’s most recent (2014) customer satisfaction results, click here.

Electric Service

Total Number of Customers – 31,151

Miles of Line – overhead transmission – 24

Miles of Line – overhead distribution – 192

Miles of Line – underground distribution – 140

Annual Megawatts hours served – 771,892

Annual Megawatts hours per day – 2,115

Annual Peak load – 162 Megawatts

Average System Reliability – 99.99%

Source of Power: BPA Full Requirements Customer

SUB’s resources are 95% greenhouse gas free

Water Service

Total Number of Customers – 20,083

Miles of Pipe – 265 Miles

Annual Water served (gal.) – 3 Billion

Average Gallons/day – 8 Million

Peak Capacity (gal./day) – 23 Million

Depth of Wells – 40 – 410 feet

Source of Water:

Wells (34) 90%

Willamette River 10%