Springfield Utility Board

Water Testing

To ensure our water stays clean and pure, SUB performs more than 2,000 water quality tests each year. Trained staff collect water samples from wells, storage facilities, and various points in the distribution system. The samples are then taken to a state-licensed laboratory for analysis, and the results are reported to the State of Oregon. Test results also are compared against standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and the State or Oregon. Test results show that SUB’s water consistently meets or beats state and federal water quality standards. To view the test results, please refer to our 2017 Water Quality Report.



Did You Know?

  • Public Power Customers Pay Less!
    Public Power Customers Pay Less!
    On average, public power customer in Oregon pay about 21% less for electricity that Oregonians who are connected to private, investor-owned utilities.   …
  • Sewer and storm water charges
    Sewer and storm water charges
    Although sewer charges appear on your SUB bill, sewer and storm water are not SUB services but City of Springfield services.           …