Springfield Utility Board

Streetlight Outage Reporting Form

SUB performs basic maintenance on streetlights owned by the City of Springfield, including some private lights for customers with whom we have contracts. If you notice a streetlight that does not have power, please use this form below to notify us.

Please DO NOT use this form to report an electric outage.  To report an electric outage, please call 541.726.2395 during business hours 8:30am to 5:00pm, call 541.746.8451 after hours.

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Note: Your contact information will be used only to clarify or give an update regarding this location


Did You Know?

  • Sewer and storm water charges
    Sewer and storm water charges
    Although sewer charges appear on your SUB bill, sewer and storm water are not SUB services but City of Springfield services.           …
  • SUB and the City
    SUB and the City
    SUB is not a city department, but a separate entity overseen by a Board of Directors elected by Springfield citizens.       …