Springfield Utility Board

Water Rates

Residential Water Rate inside city limits (the current rate went into effect 1-1-18):

From October – May:

Basic charge: $16.20 per month for 3/4″ meter inside city limits, PLUS
Usage charge: varies by number of units of water consumed (one unit is 748 gallons)

First 13 units = $ 1.838 per unit
Units 14 and over = $ 1.956 per unit

Note: the typical residential customer uses about 11 units/month

Summer Irrigation Rate (from June to September):

To encourage water conservation during peak demand months, a Summer Irrigation Rate is in effect for bills rendered June through September. The basic charge remains the same; however, units* of water are charged using this schedule:

First 13 units = $ 1.838 per unit
Units 14-100 = $ 1.991 per unit
Units 101 and over = $ 2.111 per unit

* One unit equals 748 gallons of water

Service charge to start/switch service: $15*
Service charge to stop service: $0
*A refundable security deposit may be required
See How to Start, Stop or Transfer Service for more information

Click here for a detailed water rate schedule (2018 Water Rate Schedule) or call SUB’s billing department at 541-744-3795 for more information.

For information on how to conserve water during the hot summer months, click here.

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