How power is restored

After a major outage, SUB follows a systematic, efficient process to restore power. While making repairs, SUB is also busy rerouting power along undamaged circuits to bring power back to customers as quickly as possible.

Here is the basic process utilities, including SUB, follow during power outages:

  • Emergency and Essential Services – Efforts to restore power to agencies that protect the health and safety of the public clearly need to be a priority. These include hospitals, police departments, fire departments, water treatment facilities and pumping stations.
  • High-voltage transmission lines – Transmission lines carry high voltage electricity from the generation sources to SUB’s substations. If there is a problem with a transmission line, it must be repaired before other repairs can be made.
  • Substations and Distribution Lines – Substations reduce the high-voltage power from the transmission lines so that it can be carried on distribution lines that serve neighborhoods and commercial areas. Repairing damage to these components is the next necessary step in the power restoration process.
  • Tap Lines – Repairs are then made to tap lines that supply small groups of homes and businesses and finally service lines that bring power to individual homes and businesses. This is the most time consuming part of the restoration process.

After a power outage, if you notice that your neighbor’s power is back on and yours is not, call SUB at 541-726-2395. There may be a problem with your individual service line.