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Home Wiring Problems

Home Wiring Problems

Your home wiring is inadequate if some of the following things are happening around your house:

  • Fuses frequently blow or circuit breakers often trip.
  • Lights are unusually bright or unusually dim.
  • Toasters or irons don’t get as hot as they should.
  • Your television picture shrinks when appliances are turned on.
  • Extension cords trip people up because there aren’t enough outlets.
  • Inadequate wiring can damage your appliances and increase the risk of fire.

Check with a qualified electrician, or call one of SUB’s electrical engineers at 541-726-2395. Note that SUB cannot recommend an electrician.

Did You Know?

  • SUB and the City
    SUB and the City
    SUB is not a city department, but a separate entity overseen by a Board of Directors elected by Springfield citizens.       …
  • Sewer and storm water charges
    Sewer and storm water charges
    Although sewer charges appear on your SUB bill, sewer and storm water are not SUB services but City of Springfield services.           …